Welcome to Westcoast International Primary School (WIPS), an English-medium private school located in the Uniciti Education Hub in the smart city of the Medine Group on the west coast of Mauritius.

Founded in 2009, the school provides a learning focussed education for children from age five in a purpose built campus surrounded by mountains and sugar cane fields.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) plays a pivotal role in the way our children learn. The IPC provides us with the ability to provide stimulating and effective lessons which capture the students’ attention and provide a great learning experience. Our students truly enjoy this approach and it builds upon their self-confidence and value as individuals; it also assures them of their own abilities, skills and talents.


Mauritius is rich in tradition, customs and culture and at WIPS we take pride in providing a positive environment that embraces and nurtures these elements of diversity. This approach is fundamental in building a positive character and self-esteem in children, while progressively developing a greater knowledge and respect for others and the world around them.

Intellect and Character

It is our belief that schools should be places where children can feel and experience a true desire to learn without pressure, whilst developing a solid intellect and fine character. If this can be achieved, then the school has indeed fulfilled its obligation to produce students who will prosper and contribute as respectable members of the global community.

Teaching Practices

When you visit our school you will see great teaching practices that accommodate each child’s unique background, personality and learning style. We have built a truly wonderful school: a school we are proud of, and one your child will be equally proud of and happy to attend.

Our Vision

The IPC personal goals are integral to everything we do at WIPS and are the foundation for our vision, mission and core values. These goals help shape the teaching and the learning, as well as guiding the behaviour and attitudes of our learners.

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